30+ Happy Blue Monday Captions for Instagram

Blue Monday Instagram Captions

Though Monday marks the beginning of a new week but Monday also marks the end of a relaxed and blissful weekend. Therefore, having Monday blues on a Monday is quite common. It is a wonderful idea to share blue Monday captions for Instagram to recharge the first day of the week. Share with everyone the amazing Monday blues funny captions as well as Monday captions for business to make this a fun day.  You can even share inspiring Monday blue quotes for Instagram to celebrate this day.

Here is the collection of Happy Monday captions for Instagram. You can use the Monday Motivation captions for Facebook to kill the Monday blue and make the Monday sound a little more fun.

Best Instagram Captions For Blue Monday

Let us rock our Monday!

Smile to Monday and it is going to smile back at you.

Have a mindful Monday.

Work hard because it is Monday.

Monday is here so that Friday can come back soon.

We cannot skip Monday.

Get ready to face Monday with a smile.

Don’t let Monday blues suck away your energy.

Have a memorable Monday.

Monday blues cannot be put into words.

I wish there was no Monday but only Sunday.

I wish my mood matches the Monday energies.

Monday has just begun and I am always looking forward for the weekend.

Mondays could have been better had they not come after Sundays.

Stay calm and say no to Monday blues.

Don’t let Monday blues affect your energies.

Monday blues do not last for long.

Have a little funny and very cheerful Monday.

Nothing can go wrong on a Monday.

Resume your routine on Mondays.

Mondays are all about keeping spirits high.

Think positive and your Monday is going to be awesome.

You can do it because it is Monday.

Monday should not be mandatory.

I wish I had woken up to a Sunday.

Monday blues begin on Sunday evenings.

I wish I had no Monday blues.

Mondays feel better when you love your work.

Let us recharge for a rocking Monday.

High spirits and positive attitude make Mondays so much better.

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