Beautiful Thank You Messages for Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise Birthday Party Thank You Wishes Messages

If your family or your friends have thrown a surprise birthday party for you then sending thank you messages for birthday party are a must. Beautifully drafted thank you for the surprise quotes and unexpected birthday surprise quotes help you express your feelings on receiving this amazing surprise. Don’t miss on sending thank you note after birthday party to all those who planned to make it a special day for you.

We have come up with a collection of birthday thank you messages for surprise birthday party to share messages on Whatsapp and Facebook with your loved ones.

1. I thought it would be just another day without any excitement or fun but thanks to you that I ended up having the best birthday celebration yesterday…. I had the most amazing time and I have no words to thank for you the rocking surprise birthday party.

2. When you have friends like you who plan and throw the most awesome parties then you are truly blessed…. This is the kind of feeling I am having after my birthday…. I am fortunate to have a friend like you who is truly magical… Thank you for the surprise birthday party.

3. The reason why my head was spinning when I got up today morning is you my friend…. You made it a point to make my birthday the best one ever, you took all the pains to plan and execute the most happening celebration just for me….. Thanks buddy for everything!!!

4. I was probably the most under-dressed at my own birthday party but I am sure that I was the happiest and also the most surprised….. All thanks to you my dear for making my boring birthday such a fun-filled and memorable time…. Thank you for such a sweet gesture.

5. Friends like you make sure that each and every friend throws his birthday party… I am glad you planned this amazing surprise birthday party for me or else I would have had another boring day….. Thank you for giving me another memorable day!!

6. When you grow old, you don’t want gifts on birthdays, you want your people, their love and their time….. Today I feel like the luckiest man for my friends planned the best surprise birthday party ever…. Thank you so much as I feel so rich and happy.

7. You are one person who knows how to transform my frown into a smile… I have no words to thank you for throwing such an amazing birthday party for me… You have no idea how surprised and happy I was…. Thanks for everything!!!

8. Now on I know none of my birthdays are going to go dry and boring because I have a friend like you who can plan the best surprises for me…. Thanks buddy for making it such a successful party and a memorable evening for me.

9. You are the best sister in the world…. I had no idea that you had been planning such a gala celebration just for me….. You have made this day such a special one for me and it will always stay fresh in my memories….. Thank you for this lovely surprise birthday party.

10. With this surprise birthday party, I know I have the best party planner for me who knows exactly what I want and can do anything to bring a smile on my face….. Thanks a lot for giving me the most unexpected surprise of my life…. It truly meant a lot!!!

11. My day was going so boring and monotonous until the surprise birthday party happened the last night….. Though I was not planned for this but I am still very happy that you took so much pain to make all the arrangements just for me…. It made my day…. thank you.

12. Decoration, drinks, food, music, dance, cake….. There was everything I could have imagined for my birthday, including all my friends and family….. Thank you so much for presenting me with the best surprise ever…… Thanks a lot my love.

13. I just want to thank God for sending you in my life because you gifted me so many smiles last night by arranging for the best surprise birthday party….. Thank you so much.

14. The best way to have your party is let your best friend have it planned for you…. This is exactly what I learned from my surprise birthday party you planned for me…. I have no words to thank you. Love you.

15. You are one person who can do anything to make me smile and the surprise birthday bash was a proof…. Thank you so very much for taking so much efforts in gifting me this memory for lifetime… Thank you dear!!!

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