Thank You Messages for Birthday Gifts

Thank You Messages for Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are on occasion for celebrating the birth of a person. Guests at a birthday bring birthday gifts for the birthday boy or girl as an act of love for the person. Birthday person can send the thank you wishes through text messages with notes for him or her.

Listed below are thank you message samples to forward for the lovely birthday gifts sent on the special day:

1). Thank you friend for the birthday gift you presented. I hope you enjoyed the party and bonded well with the old school buddies who arrived.

2). Thanking my friend for the beautiful birthday gift. Your present is much special for me and I would treasure it with all my heart.

3). Thanks to my sister for the sweet birthday gifts. Your wishes were the first one I received on the special day and I am much grateful.

4). I thank my brother for the birthday gift you presented me. It was good to hear and receive the much awaited token of love from you.

5). Much thanks to my cousin for the awesome birthday gift. I love the gaming machine and send you memento as a token of gratitude.

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