Examples of Ask a Stupid Question Day – Sep 28

Examples of Ask a Stupid Question Day September 28

28th September is observed as Ask a Stupid Question Day in United States of America. This day is mostly celebrated by students and teachers to have them ask stupid questions which otherwise they might hesitate to ask. It is sometimes also the last school day in the month of September.

We bring some interesting examples of Ask a Stupid Question Day to help you put up an unexpected question. Share these questions with your teachers, family or friends via Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp for a memory!!!

Ask a Stupid Question day 2023 Examples

Q 1. My friend called me on my landline and asked me “Where are you?”

A: At the airport

Q 3. Your sister wakes you up and asks you if you were sleeping.

A: No I was swimming

Q 3. When you come out wet from the bathroom and your mom asks you that have you taken shower?

A: No, I just took a nap and came out

Q 4. Standing outside the elevator on the ground floor and people ask- Are you going up?

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A: No, I am just here to receive my apartment to come and take me home

Q 5. When you are in the toilet and someone knocks on the door asking- Hello, is anyone there?

A: No, there is no one inside

Q 6. At cinema hall, someone asks you- Hey, what are you doing here?

A: Nothing, just came to get some sleep

Q 7. In the plane, someone asks you- Are you also going to UK?

A: No, I am just taking a ride to and for

Q 8. When someone calls you at the middle of the night and say- Sorry, were you sleeping?

A: No, I was catching fishes!!

Q 9. When you get a haircut done and someone ask you- Hey, have you had a haircut?

A: No, it is autumn season, so my hair is just shedding

Q 10. In a local bus, a fat man slept on my shoulder and asked- Oh, did that hurt you?

A: No, not at all, I actually expertise in letting people sleep on my shoulder while commuting.

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Ask a Stupid Question Saying

“There is no question in this world that is stupid because every stupid question expresses your inquisitiveness.”

“Ask a stupid question to someone intelligent to know how smart they really are with their answers.”

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