Appreciation Messages to Parents from School

Appreciation Messages to Parents from School

Appreciation wishes from school to parents are sent as a thanksgiving for the parents that they selected that school for enrolling their student and educating the student in abettor way. The appreciation wishes can be sent through text messages or cards to the parents. The wishes sent will help build the trust the parents have in the school and the education system of the school.

Some of the best samples of sweet appreciation messages to parent from school examples are:

1). Dear parent, this message from school is sent to appreciate the way you have developed values in your school. Your child is a superb genius and a good student.

2). Dearest parent, St. Anthony School thanks you and appreciates your arrival at the annual function. It will help develop our bond and the confidence in your child much more.

3). St. Mary’s school appreciates the parents for their contribution to the child development programme conducted last week. The results have been outstanding.

4). Dear parents, our school appreciate the development in your child which has occurred over the years by the safe guidance of your effort. Your child has grown to be a better person.

5). St. Xavier’s school appreciates the help and donation by the parents for the relief programme. The amount will be sent to the dilapidated and affected children immediately.

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