Cow Appreciation Day Messages and Cows Quotes – 9 July

Cow Appreciation Day Messages - Cows Quotes pictures

Second Tuesday in the month of July is celebrated as Cow Appreciation Day. In 2024, this fun day will be observed on July 9th. This day is all about heading out to Chick-fil-A and enjoying a free meal which means eating more of chicken and sparing the cows. A great day to share cow quotes and Cow Appreciation Day messages with your family and friends.

With the beautiful Cow Appreciation Day messages, wish your dear ones with motivating cow quotes to celebrate this day on Facebook, WhatsApp.

Cow Appreciation Day Messages and Quotes

1). Enjoy the milk she gives and praise her for all the health she brings into our lives…. Warm wishes on Cow Appreciation Day.

2). There are many more things that God has created for man to consume…. Spare the cows…. Happy Cow Appreciation Day.

3). On Cow Appreciation Day, I want to remind you to always protect cows for they give us milk and also a healthy life.

4). Cows are to be loved and pampered…. Sending you warm greetings on Cow Appreciation Day.

5). Let us celebrate Cow Appreciation Day by having a healthy vegetarian meal and loving the cows which nurture us with their milk and love.

6). On Cow Appreciation Day, let us protect the cows because without them, humans cannot have a healthy and complete life.

7). Today is the day to take a vacation from beef and enjoy some chicken…. Wishing you Happy Cow Appreciation Day.

8). Dress like a cow and win a meal…. Save cows and have a great life…. Warm wishes on Cow Appreciation Day.

9). Save cows for they are essential for our lives…. Have a Happy Cow Appreciation Day to you.

10). Give a break to beef and enjoy some chicken…. Protect the cows for a better tomorrow… Wishing a very Happy Cow Appreciation Day.

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