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Anniversary is an important day for the lovers, be it couples or boyfriend and girlfriend. Everyone who is in love, celebrate this day in own way. Some people love to look back the past and find out some happy memories to live it again with the partners and some promise to make the bonding stronger. Whatever it is, a lovely and sweet message opens up your heart to your special one on your anniversary. There are so many people who want to wish a couple a happy anniversary. Those who don’t know how to write their emotion in words, here all sample examples of anniversary messages are given to you.

Anniversary Messages to Wife

Anniversary is the celebration of togetherness and a husband has lots of things to say to his wife for always being with him. It is a time to reminisce all those sweet memories that you both spend together. An anniversary message to wife is said just wishing to spend more years with her.

“You are always there with me in my good and bad. It is your love that inspires me to overcome any wrong. Look back the past it is the love of our bonding that tells us we have a great future ahead. Happy Anniversary. ”

Anniversary Messages to Couple

Anniversary is a special day of every couple’s life and the family and friend may not want to lose a chance to congratulate them on that day. Wishing messages are something that comes out from bottom of your heart. Write words, which are touching in its sense.

“God makes pairs in Heaven and you both are the sweetest couple in the world. The day is here again and I wish you celebrate many such days together. Best wishes to both of you on your anniversary. ”

Anniversary Messages to Boyfriend

When you are in love, there are lots of secret stories between you and your partner, the secret of all the new feelings that you shared with your boyfriend. On anniversary, send a sweet text message to your boyfriend to wish him a happy anniversary from your heart. Make alive those special moments of the past with your love quotes

“The day has come again from where we started a journey. But we are the same as we were a year ago, the same love and the same lovely argument. I want to be with you forever and feel the same feeling which I have with you.”

Anniversary Messages to Husband

This is a day where you want to tell your loved one how much you love him. Anniversary message to your husband has all the memories that you have shared with your husband so far. It also tells you about your longings to be with him forever.

“Life is a roller-costar ride where there are ups and downs, but there is also a love like you who give his warm hug to make me fearless. I love you. ”

Anniversary Messages for Parents

Celebrating parents anniversary is a wonderful moment that everyone wants to live the joy. Thanking parents for giving a lovely guidance and wishing them to remain same forever is a thought of every child. A heart touching anniversary message to parents adds charm in the celebration.

“Love is what I learn from you both. Our home is built with your heart; you may grow older, but your love remains same as it was in your first date. I thank God for giving me such sweet parent who love each other madly.”

Anniversary Messages to Girlfriend

For couples, anniversary means a lot to them, it is the time to wish them each other for all you have done in the past and want to live the rest of the life together and forever. A simple anniversary message to girlfriend brings out your emotion from your heart.

“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is sweetest. We have passed another year in loving, fighting, enjoying and feeling other emotions. I wish you to be with you always to make my tomorrow wonderful.”

Anniversary Messages for Inlaws

Wishing congratulation on your in-laws anniversary date is to make them happy and give them a sweet gift of love. Send a text message with full of love and emotion and that also gives them a sweet memory of their past. Your anniversary message should pour with the emotion.

“A happy wedding anniversary to both of you. It is an ease of our eyes to see you both as a true example of love. You have experienced so many wonderful years together and we wish you many years ahead.”

Anniversary Messages to Sister

Sending a wishes message to sister on her anniversary gives her a wonderful experience. Since you share a sweet emotional bonding with your sister, the wishing anniversary message can be fun loving. You can add funny elements with your personal touch.

“Cheers the moments that you have both and I wish you many more love fights in the coming years. Be together in crying, smiling and in every emotion of life. All my wishes are free for you.”

Anniversary Messages to Brother

You can write a loving text message to your brother on his anniversary and give him and your sister-in-law the best wish to be a happy married couple forever. Add your personal touch to your words that makes a magic. An anniversary message to brother counts your love.

“You are the most beautiful couple in the land. You are made for each other and mad for each other couple. I wish you to be the same forever as you both are today.”

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