25th Anniversary Messages to Wife

Sweet 25th Anniversary Messages to Wife

Anniversary is the celebration of love, companionship and many more things and if it is your 25th anniversary, then you want to give your wife a big surprise. An anniversary message pouring your all emotion would be a great gift for your wife. Bring the 25 years of journey back and enjoy those loving past through the words. A nice collection of a beautiful anniversary message is given for you.

A list of beautiful 25th anniversary message samples to wife is presented below:

1). 25 years ago on that day we became one soul, but it seems it is the story of yesterday. You are always with me in my pain and gain and you never let me alone, even not for a second. The life with you is a joyride and still we together have a long way to go.

1). We have spent 25 years together, in love, attraction, argument, romance and desire. Many storms come and go, but they never touch the love we share. 25 years is a beautiful journey and with you the rest of the life will be more beautiful. Happy anniversary.

2). The day is mark of our togetherness; let’s think 25 years of our life. It is the story of love, it is the story of support and it is the story of friendship. Our album has 25 shades of colors, but still many colors are yet to apply. Happy anniversary my wife.

3). Our story is no more than a film, where romance, fight, attraction and above all our love is there, but the film is not complete yet. 25 years we have crossed and experienced lots of beautiful moments. Happy anniversary my dear.

4). As years pass, our relation became stronger. 25 years of journey may seem too long, but for me it is as young as our first date. You are always with me in highs and lows and we made a beautiful past with lots of emotions. Happy anniversary.

5). God brought us closer, but love made us a couple; our smiling days made us happy, but our tear made the bonding stronger. Lots of emotions we share with each other and we add many colors of life. We together make our canvas colorful. Happy anniversary.

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