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A nuptial life of a husband and a wife is one of the beautiful relationships. In the married life, the husband regularly shows his wife his love and feelings for her. The husband expresses the feelings in a million ways to make her feel special and loved always. He sends love messages for the wife through text messages to show her know how much he loves her. The love messages are written with chosen love filled words expressing the emotions and feelings of life for the wife. Following are some of the samples of love messages for wife samples sent in different ways:

Love Messages for Wife on Birthday

The birthday of a wife is a moment of great celebration as the husband prepares a thousand surprises for her and makes the celebration a special one. The couple celebrates by partying with loved ones or by spending quality time together. The husband also arranges special gifts of her choice for her as surprises and also invites friends and family for surprise parties for her. The funny and sweet wishes can be sent through text messages for her.

“For my lovely wife, I send you all my love and marvelous birthday wishes for you on your special day. I wish you get lots of happiness filled moments and love on your birthday and forever always. I wish you a happy birthday dear.”

Love Messages for Wife on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebrating love and a love relationship. This is the day when people who are in love, whether they are married or unmarried celebrate their love for each other through gifts or by spending quality time together as well. Some also go for dinner and surprise each other with beautiful gifts. The cute love wishes for the wife can be sent on Valentine’s Day through text messages.

“For my beautiful wife, I wish you a happy valentine’s day and wish you lots of love on this special day. I wish our love for each other grows more with time and bring more wonderful loved filled moments of us together. I wish you a marvelous valentine celebration, my love.”

Romantic Love Messages for Wife

The romantic wishes for the wife are written with chosen love filled words for the wife to express the love feelings of the husband for her. The romantic and sweet words touch the heart of the wife and make the moments between them more magical and beautiful. The best heartfelt and romantic love wishes for the wife can be sent easily through text messages.

“Sweet wife, it is your support and love which has brighten up my life and brought a constant glow to it every day. It is by being with you by my side that I feel loved and happy always. I wish our love grows with each passing day to be more fruitful.”

Sample Miscellaneous love messages for wife:

“For my wife, I wish you a happy birthday and send you lots of love and happiness on your special day. I love you more with each passing day dear.”

“Wife, you are the center of my life and by your presence you make my day more beautiful. I love you a lot dear.”

“On this Valentine’s Day dear, I gift you the precious gift of my love and also gifts of your choice to see your smile which makes my day more beautiful.”

“Dear wife, I wish you a happy birthday and send you love. I pray to Lord to shower you with all the happiness of life and make our love stronger and fruitful.”

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