Baby Shower Message to Unborn Baby

Unborn Baby Shower Message

Baby shower wishes for the unborn baby are sent to the parents in form of wishes and blessings for the unborn baby. The wishes include beautiful blessings for the prosperity and good health of the unborn baby and her mother as they take the first step of welcoming the baby into the family.

Have a look at the samples of baby shower message to the unborn baby sent in different ways:

1). For the sweet unborn baby, I send baby shower wishes for the wonderful baby shower event held especially for you. The wishes are sent along with gifts for you.

2). Dear unborn baby, I hope you come into this earth soon and I send lovely wishes for the baby shower occasion. The wishes through text are sent with lots of love.

3). Lovely unborn baby, I send you heartfelt wishes for the baby shower occasion held for you. I also send beautiful gifts for you dear.

4). Sweet unborn baby, I wish your birth bring in lots of happiness and love to the family. I also send lovely baby shower wishes held for you.

5). Dearest baby, I send my love for you and best baby shower wishes for the wonderful ceremony. I welcome you to our family soon amidst lots of love and happiness.

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  • Mary January 30, 2016, 3:06 pm

    Please help me write a note In a book for a unborn baby.I am ging to a baby shower today and need help. Thank you