21st Birthday Messages for Sister

Sister 21st Birthday Message

21st birthday party is special as the sister enters her second decade of her life into twenties. It her first step into the twenties decade of her life and she celebrates in a grand way.

List of samples of 21st birthday messages for sister are given below:

1). Lovely sister, as you turn 21, I send you my love and happy birthday messages. I send you beautiful gifts I hope you would love.

2). Dear sister, wishing you a happy 21st birthday celebration. I send you the precious gift you have always wishes for on your birthday.

3). Dearest sister, I send my love and heartiest 21st birthday wishes for you. Through this text, I also send you a lovely quote of my love for you dear sis.

4). Sweet sister, heartiest wishes for a wonderful 21st birthday celebration. I hope you celebrate with good moments with your loved ones.

5). Dear sister, wishing you a happy 21st birthday. We have grown up together and today I cherish the lovely moments we have always shared.

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