Happy World Vegetarian Day Wishes Messages and Vegetarian Slogans

Happy World Vegetarian Day Wishes Messages and Slogans - October 1st

Every year, World Vegetarian Day is celebrated across the globe on 1st October since 1977 when North American Vegetarian Society announced it in order to promote more and more vegetarians by highlighting the benefits associated with vegetarian lifestyle. On this day dedicated to vegetarians across the world, share Happy World Vegetarian Day wishes, text messages and funny quotes with your friends, family and relatives. Don’t forget to wish your non-vegetarian friends who wish you on World Non Vegetarian Day.

We bring to you some catchy vegetable slogans and Vegan Day Quotes. Celebrate Indian Vegetarian Day on the occasion of World Vegetarian Day with best wishes, messages, vegetarian status to share on Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

International Vegetarian Day Wishes and Messages 2023

1. I am a vegetarian not because I love animals but because I hate plants more….. Sending my best wishes on World Vegetarian Day!!!

2. You don’t become a vegetarian by force, you become one by choice…. So always make a better choice for a healthier and happier life ahead….. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

3. On the occasion of World Vegetarian Day, always remember that food is not only about taste but it is also about healthy living and one choice can impact your whole life.

4. Eating vegetarian food doesn’t mean that you have to eat boring food…. Just explore the other size of the fence to know how delicious vegetarian food can be….. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

5. I am not a vegetarian but I respect all those who are vegetarians because it is their sacrifice that we don’t have shortage of food….. Best wishes on World Vegetarian Day.

Happy World Vegetarian Day Wishes WhatsApp & Facebook Status Message

6. Eat vegetarian, stay slim and healthy…. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

7. Let us not compel people to turn into vegetarians otherwise we will have shortage of food.

8. Blessed are those who are vegetarians because it is not easy to become one…. Best wishes on World Vegetarian Day.

9. It is all about making choices- Veg or Non-Veg, healthy or unhealthy….. Be wise to make your choice.

10. You are free to pick your food and live healthy or live with taste…. Happy World Vegetarian Day.

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Catchy & Funny Vegetarian Slogans

11. Just like non- vegetarians are glad that vegetarians don’t turn into non-vegetarians, its vice-verse because neither would like any shortage of food.

12. We encourage more and more people to turn vegetarians without realizing who will feed them and what will we do with the growing population of animals.

13. God made plants so that we could eat them…. But he never made animals so that we could eat them too…. !!

14. Synthetic vegetables in the market are the result of more and more people turning into vegetarians.

15. The formula to fitness- eat green, stay healthy!!!

Indian Vegetarian Day Quotes and Sayings

16. Today is World Vegetarian Day which is also Indian Vegetarian Day celebrating the spirit of staying vegetarian when the world is enjoying animals on their plates.

17. It is truly not a good idea to have some animal served on your platter when you have lots of things to eat without having to kill anyone….. Happy Indian Vegetarian Day.

18. If you wish to kill then kill ego, kill inequality, kill crime….. Killing animals just to eat them is a pathetic idea…..Best wishes on Indian Vegetarian Day.

19. We take pride in calling ourselves vegetarians because we don’t kill anyone just to have a happy and delicious meal…. With our heads held high, Happy Indian Vegetarian Day.

20. You live longer, stay healthier and happier if you eat vegetarian food…. Cheers on being vegetarians on the occasion of Indian Vegetarian Day.

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