38+ Best Tiger Day Slogans – Save Tigers Slogans, Taglines

World Tiger Day Slogans - Save tiger slogans, catchy tiger slogan

Make it a memorable July 29th because it is International Tiger Day, the day to inspire everyone around you to come together to save tigers. Create more awareness amongst your family and friends with International Tiger Day messages and World Tiger Day Slogans. Send across highly motivating save the forest slogans, catchy tiger slogans and posters on save tigers to more and more people to inspire them to save tigers.

Latest collection of International Tiger Day slogans, best slogans for save tiger, save tiger slogans, slogans on save tigers with pictures and International Tiger Day messages is right here. Share these slogans on save lion on Facebook, WhatsApp with your family and friends.

International Tiger Day Slogans to celebrate the day

“Save the tiger to save the humans, to save the planet Earth.”

“A step towards saving the tigers can be a big step towards restoring Mother Nature.”

“Even the smallest of the step counts when it comes to saving tigers…. Act now!!!”

“Taking an action today towards saving tigers will take years to convert into results.”

“Don’t delay and save tigers now because we are already too late to act.”

Save Tiger Quotes Sayings

“They have been an inspiration to us… don’t let them become a story to coming generations…. Save tigers!!!”

“Hunt down those who hunt tigers because tigers are very important for our race, for our planet.”

“When you save tigers, you are not saving them, you are saving yourself.”

“Tigers are an important link in our food chain…. Save them to save food chain.”

“Save tigers so that we have someone to take inspiration from for a fearless life.”

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Best Slogans on Save Tiger in English

“Act before they are extinct…. Save tigers!!!”

“We could not save dinosaurs but we can always save tigers.”

“We still have time to act, we still have the opportunity to save tigers from getting extinct.”

“Be generous to our coming generations…. Save tigers so that they can see them for real.”

“Watching a tiger for real is just another experience…. Save them to experience their charm.”

Taglines and Lines on Save Tiger

“With no tigers, there will be an imbalance in Nature…. Save tigers!!!”

“It is high time that we act now to save tigers to save this world.”

“One small step towards saving tigers can help us save this planet.”

“With tigers getting extinct, we will have many more species following the trend… Stop it!!!

“The onus of tigers getting extinct lies on the shoulders of humans and therefore, the onus of saving them also lies on us.”

Catchy Slogan on Save Tiger in Hindi

“Tiger ko bacha kar hum apna kartavya pura kar rahe hain.”

“Is sansar mein samanta banaye rakhne ke liye humein tigers ko bachana hi hoga.”

“Tiger ko bachana hum insane ki hi zimeddari hai kyunki unke is haal ke liye bhi hum hi zimmedar hain.”

Global/ World Tiger Day Slogan

Don’t let the coming generations just read about tigers.

Tigers need to be saved and we must join hands.

Without tigers, forests will not feel the same.

Each tiger that is saved is a big contribution.

Tigers deserve to live and not hunted.

Tiger Slogans For School

Tigers are an important part of our ecosystem.

We cannot afford to close our eyes towards depleting numbers of tigers.

Let us save tigers to save our planet.

Each and every tiger is very special to us.

We have to save tigers to have a balance in our environment.

Tiger Slogans for Sports

Saving tigers should be our goal.

Killing tigers is destroying the balance on the planet.

We all are equally responsible for saving tigers.

Saving tigers today is creating a better tomorrow.

Plant forests and save tigers for a happier Earth.

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