World Students Day Wishes

World Students Day Wishes

Every year 15th October is celebrated as World Students Day to pay a tribute to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former president of India and a visionary. This is a special day to celebrate learning and education and to motivate students to study and work hard. On this wonderful day, send Happy World Students Day messages to students around you by acknowledging their hard work and supporting them to achieve their dreams.

Here are some of the most amazing Happy World Student Day messages and quotes which you can use to send greetings.

1. The best way to stop worrying about the problems that bother you is to start looking for solutions. It might not have a solution right now but every problem comes with a solution and you have the ability to find it. Warm wishes to you on World Students Day my dear.

1. A journey of thousands of miles starts with a single step…. If you have a dream or goal to achieve then you must start working on it today and only then you will be able to reach to it in coming years. Small steps can make big difference. Happy World Students Day to you.

1. Good grades help you get into a good college, get yourself a good job and help you have a good life with good people around. If you will compromise with your grades now, you are playing with your future… so work to get the best of the grades. Wishing you Happy World Students Day.

1. Life is about decisions, about chances and opportunities….. Your success and failure will depend upon what chances you decide to take, what opportunities you make most out of… So always be cautious with taking decisions as they can make or break your life. Happy World Students Day.

1. Success is relative but hard work is not… your job is to give your 100 per cent in everything that you do and success will come to you for sure… dedication starts from school, from grades and you must never compromise on them… Best wishes to you on World Students Day. Good luck!

1. Every successful person has a different plan, different dream, different strategy!!!! There is just one thing that is common to all i.e. they never give up. If you want something then keep trying for it because you can only fail when you stop trying. Happy World Students Day to you.

1. God has gifted everyone with some talent…. It is our job to find out what are we good at and then follow our passion…. It is our duty to shine out but without dedication and hard work, it is impossible. So keep working harder. Sending warm wishes to you on World Students Day.

1. Today is the day to take inspiration from Dr. Kalam who never surrendered to circumstances but always worked hard against all the odds. Follow his footsteps and teachings and your dreams will never be far to achieve. Wishing you a very Happy World Students Day. All the best!!!

1. Expecting success without working hard for it is like expecting to win a competition without participating in it. Never shy from hard work, never compromise on giving better than the best and only then you will enjoy fruits of success in life. Happy World Students Day to you dear.

1. One common thing amongst all successful people is that they all were different from people around them. You have to unchain your inner strength and follow your passion in order to be successful. Wishing you all the success on the occasion of World Students Day.

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