15+ Best World Sparrow Day Wishes Messages, Slogans and Quotes

Sparrow Day Wishes Messages, save birds Slogans, Sparrow Quotes

There is an urgent need for us to save house birds and that’s why we celebrate World Sparrow Day every year on March 20th. This is an initiative to save sparrows and various other common birds that are gradually getting extinct from our urban environment. Make it a purposeful day with save birds slogans in English that give a strong introduction about World Sparrow Day. This is the day to share sparrow quotes and sayings and strong World Sparrow Day slogans.

In this post, we have come up with an original collection of World Sparrow Day messages. With World Sparrow Day 2024 theme, share powerful World Sparrow Day slogans and wishes with everyone on WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

World Sparrow Day Messages

“It is time to wake up to the alarming rate at which sparrows are going missing from our surroundings. Happy World Sparrow Day.”

“Sparrows would always make us feel happy playing in our gardens or spending some good time in our balconies. Warm wishes on World Sparrow Day.”

“We can still save them before it is too late. They are waiting for us to work towards protecting them. Wishing a very Happy World Sparrow Day.”

“Sparrows have always been the cutest house birds we have grown up seeing around us. Let us save them to stay in our environment. Happy World Sparrow Day.”

Best Sparrow Quotes and Sayings

“The chirpy sound of sparrows would always make us happy. It is time to save our friendly house birds. Happy World Sparrow Day.”

“Let us work in synergy to make our environment a healthier and happier place for sparrows to live. Warm wishes on World Sparrow Day.”

“On the occasion of World Sparrow Day, we must react to the perishing sparrows. It is time that we protect them by giving them a safe place to live happily.”

“Let us help to give sparrows a healthy habitat where they can wake up every morning and fill the atmosphere with their sweet chirping. Happy World Sparrow Day.”

World Sparrow Say Slogans

Save sparrows before it is too late.

They just a safe place to live. Save sparrows.

Let us give them a friendly environment to grow.

Sparrows need humans to help them survive.

Sparrows are the friendly house birds we always loved.

Not hearing sparrows around us is a threat to this planet.

Let us save their habitat before its late. Let us save sparrows.

Sparrows need our love, attention and a healthy habitat.

Don’t let sparrows become a memory.

Protecting sparrows is what we need to do right now.

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