World Mental Health Day Messages, Inspiring Quotes & Slogans

World Mental Health Day Messages, Quotes

Every year October 10th is celebrated as World Mental Health Day. This day is dedicated to creating awareness about mental health issues around the world. Share with your family and friends World Mental Health Day messages and inspiring World Mental Health quotes. Tell them how important is mental health for a healthy and happy society with Mental Health Awareness Day messages. Send across World Mental Health Day 2021 theme wishes to everyone.

Here are some of the newest and most inspiring World Mental Health Day messages, Wishes and Quotes to share on Facebook, WhatsApp.

World Mental Health Day Messages

“Warm wishes on World Mental Health Day to you…. Let us promise ourselves that we will never take mental health lightly.”

“A mentally healthy person can only be a happy person…. Wishing a very Happy World Mental Health Day.”

“On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, let us never take mental health lightly because it is the most important.”

“Sometimes medicines are not what we need but we need peace of mind, peace of soul for a happy and healthy life…. Happy World Mental Health Day.”

“Take care of your mental health because a healthy mind is very important for a healthy body…. Wishing a very Happy World Mental Health Day.”

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Inspiring World Mental Health Day Quotes

“Mental health is extremely important for each one of us to have a happy life… Happy World Mental Health Day.”

“In the life that is so full of stress and tensions, may you are blessed with a sorted and healthy mind…. Warm wishes on World Mental Health Day.”

“There is nothing as complicated as your own web of thoughts…. Practice meditation and peace…. Happy World Mental Health Day.”

“We all have the power to fight it out…. We can fight even the toughest battles with a healthy mind…. Have a wonderful World Mental Health Day.”

“World Mental Health Day will always remind us that mental health must not be ignored but always must always be handled with care.”

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Mental Health Awareness Day Messages

Let us share Mental Health Awareness Day messages and quotes with everyone around. With the collection of Mental Health Awareness Week messages and World Mental Health Awareness wishes, highlight the importance of mental health for everyone.

“A very Happy Mental Health Awareness Day to you. Let us never underestimate the importance of a good mental health.”

“A person who is mentally healthy has the power to face all kinds of challenges in life. Wishing a very Happy Mental Health Awareness Day.”

“Physical illness is very much visible but not mental illness and therefore, it requires more attention. Happy Mental Health Awareness Day to all.”

“Let us make each and everyone aware that mental health needs our attention…. Wishing a very Happy World Mental Health Day.”

“We often fall into stress and complications when we aim to please everyone around us…. Happy World Mental Health Day.”

“There is nothing more important in life than mental health…. Take good care of it…. Warm wishes on World Mental Health Day.”

“There will always be some situation, some people whom you cannot control, so stop stressing over it… Happy World Mental Health Day.”

“Live life with a happy mind and soul and don’t let anything stress you or upset you to keep your mental health in a good state.”

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Catchy World Mental Health Day Slogans in English

“A mentally healthy and strong person is the one who has conquered the odds.”

“You are blessed to have this life and you must not waste it like that.”

“Stress and depression are the complications affecting mental health.”

“Health is not just physical but also mental.”

“Don’t ignore mental health, it is important.”

“Work for your mental health to make this life better.”

“Mental health is the biggest issue in our society.”

“We have ignored it enough and we must not do it more…. Pay attention to mental health.”

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“Mental health is the biggest wealth for all of us.”

“We must support all those who are suffering mentally. “

Mental Health Captions for Instagram

Mental health requires attention and understanding.

If you don’t understand mental illness, it does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Mental illness is a serious problem and we must attend to it.

Sound mental health is what we all need.

Mental health is of extreme importance for every human.

Let us not take mental health light.

We must work on our mental health just like our physical health.

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