When is Passover Day?

when is passover day celebrated

Passover will start from the evening 10th April, 2017 and will end on the evening of 18th April, 2017.

Why We Celebrate Passover

Passover is a Jewish festival which is celebrated for eight days in the Hebrew month of Nissan. There are two reasons for celebrating this festival. It is celebrated for commemoration of emancipation of Israelites from slavery of Egyptians. Not only this, it is also the beginning of harvest season. This is a traditional festival full of customs which is an occasion to exchange wishes with your loved ones.

Here is Passover Day 2018 Date & Time :

Event Name Day Dates Of Event
Passover Day 2018 Friday 30 March to 7 April
Passover Day 2019 Friday 19 April to 27 April
Passover Day 2020 Wednesday 8 April to 16 April

Passover Messages for Friends, Family and Loved Ones

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