Welcome Message for Students and Parents

Welcome Message for Students and Parents

The welcome message are sent to students and also to parents to welcome them to the new curriculum. The parents are welcomed to have a look into the institution their children have enrolled in and the welcome wishes give them an assurance of the good study faculties and benefits the institution offers.

Find samples of welcome messages for the students and the parents given below to greet them to the institution:

1. Dear student and parent, we welcome you to the annual day function. We hope you would have a good time at the event and enjoy to the fullest.

1. Welcoming students and parents to the science exhibition. You can have a good look at the exquisite display of work by our student and hope you would like them.

1. I welcome the student and teacher to the educational fair held at our school. I look forward to you purchasing the special written editions published by our school patrons.

1. Welcome wishes for the students and the parents to the inauguration day of our school. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the events and performances laid out for the evening.

1. We welcome all students and parents to the college function. We have laid out special stalls displaying the artifacts designed by our patrons and hope you would look at them.

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