Wedding Program Message to Guests

Wedding Program Message to Guests

The wedding program wishes for the guests list the programs and activities of the wedding to the guests. Be it a wedding ritual like sangeet, the wedding itself or a dance function before the wedding, the wedding program wishes list all the activities of the wedding.

Lists of wedding program message samples for the invited guests to let them know about the schedule of rituals in the marriage ceremony:

1). Just to let you know, dear guest about the wedding program consisting of the schedule of events line-up. I would be expecting your arrival at each occasion with love.

2). Guest, sending you the wedding program list of ceremonies over the week long marriage. It would be an honour to have you at the auspicious occasions held along.

3). This is for the invited guest letting you know about the wedding program. We have the marriage ceremony followed by the reception at Plaza where your presence is expected.

4). On the auspicious occasion of my marriage, I send you the wedding program list and expect you to arrive with your blessings and love. We have two day long list of ceremonies.

5). Inviting you to the marriage ceremony of my brother and sending the wedding program list of entire schedule. I hope to see you in the events with your family.

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