Wedding Invitation Messages for Friends

Wedding Invitation text Messages for Friends

A wedding cannot be complete without friends who play the major share in having fun and making the environment jolly. The wedding invitations for friends can be sent through text messages or through beautiful cards for the friends along with gifts for the special and best friends.

Following are samples of wedding invitation for friends to send to friends and family:

1). To my friend, I invite you to my son’s wedding to be held at my residence coming Tuesday. I hope you will arrive with your good wishes and blessings for the couple.

2). For a sweet friend, I invite you to the wedding of my daughter this Sunday. We would be very much happy with your presence in the auspicious occasion.

3). This text carries my wedding invitation to my close friend to be held at Regency next Tuesday. I would love to have you by my side on that lovely day.

4). Through this text, I invite my friend to the wedding of my cousin. Your gracious presence on the celebration would be highly appreciated.

5). To a charming friend, inviting you to my wedding at my residence. Arrive for lots of fun and celebration of love with old friends and family members together.

6). Inviting my close friend for my wedding ceremony this Sunday to be held at Plaza. I would expect your presence on the auspicious ceremony.

7). Friend, I invite you to my wedding ceremony next week at my residence. I hope you would be present beside me as I take my vows of conjugal life.

8). On the occasion of my wedding, I invite you friend to the ceremony as the man of honour. I would love to have your love and support on the beautiful day.

9). Sending the wedding invitation to my dear friend with love. Do arrive this Monday at my residence for the ceremony and the reception thereafter.

10). I invite my best friend to my wedding ceremony on Friday to be held at Regal Palace. Your presence in the ceremony would make it more special as you are my closest friend.

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