16th August – True Love Forever Day Greeting Messages and Wishes

Best True Love Forever Day Messages

True love is hard to find but if you have found it then it is for forever. 16th August is celebrated as True Lover Forever Day which is a day to celebrate to be with your beloved for eternity. This is a romantic day to express your love and feelings to the person you are in love with.

Here is the best collection of Happy True Lover Forever Day messages and romantic True Lover Forever Day quotes that are pure magic. Use these amazing text messages to send your sweetheart.

1). You know it when love is true because it is also unconditional and forever, it is pure and selfless, it is giving and not expecting…. Sending you best wishes on True Love Forever Day with a wish that you find your true love!!!

2). It is not easy to find true love and not everyone is blessed to find one but those who find it, must cherish it and value it because it is the most precious of all and lasts forever….. Warm wishes on True Love Forever Day.

3). All of our eyes are searching for true love but only some of us are fortunate enough to find it…. Find those eyes which are true to us, find that heart which beats for us, find those words which are a promise for life time….. Wishing you a very Happy True Love Forever Day.

4). True love is timeless, ageless and forever….. It is like wine which gets better with age and gets deeper with the passage of time…. May you find true love of your life as we celebrate True Love Forever Day.

5). The beauty of true love is that it stays with you all your life….. It doesn’t bring insecurity along but it brings along peace, happiness and satisfaction….. It is loyal and eternal…. A very Happy True Love Forever Day to you.

True Love Forever Day Greeting Messages

6). You are the only person who has seen me in mess, dealt with my mood swings, understands how hard I am to handle. And you are the one who despites me after all this. Happy True Lover Forever Day.

7). We are bonded for eternity and only death can part us. On the occasion of True Lover Forever Day, I want to tell you that I will always love you with all my heart, soul and honesty my love.

8). I feel blessed to know that I have someone who will always love me and will never leave me despite my mistakes. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy True Lover Forever Day to you.

9).  There may be hundreds of reasons to give up but I have just one reason to hold on to you and that is you my darling, With all the love and care…. Happy True Lover Forever Day to you!!!

10). True love is the sign of patience, faith and affection and our beautiful relationship is a blend of all these. I am blessed to have you in my life.  Happy True Lover Forever Day to you my sweetheart.

11). Life is a blessing when you have someone to love you moon and back, someone to hold your hand for life and someone to be there with you unconditionally. Happy True Lover Forever Day.

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