Top 10 Religious Birthday Wishes Messages for Friends

Birthday messages for friends religious

Wishing your friend a Happy Birthday with a religious message is surely the best ways to wish him or her. Remembering God on this special day is the first thing to do and these religious birthday messages aim to do the same. If you have a friend and you want to send warm heartfelt birthday wishes to him or her then wrap your wishes in spirituality for making them more meaningful.

Have a look at the best religious birthday messages for friends. These wonderful quotes are perfect for wishing your buddy on his birthday.

1. Hey pal, wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Today, on your special day, I pray to God to fill your day with loads of happiness and your life with success, contentment and glory. May you achieve all your dreams and enjoy every year to the fullest.

2. Every day is a wonderful day in God’s calendar but today is a special day because it is your birthday and you a special creation by God. Sending you warm wishes on your birthday. May you have a great day and an amazing life in years to come. Happy Birthday.

3. On the occasion of your birthday, I am sending you a bouquet of warm wishes showered with blessings of the Almighty. May everyday of your life is a new hope. May you make the most out of every day and have a life you have always dreamt of. Best wishes on your birthday.

4. I pray to God to always keep your heart warm and spirits high; to always bless you with peace and prosperity; to always lead your path; to always love you and pamper you. Wishing you the best of the wishes on your birthday. Have a great day my friend!!!!

5. God never counts the money in your bank or candles on your cake but He only considers love in your heart and purity of your soul. On the occasion of your birthday, I am sending warm wishes to you, wrapped with lots of love and good luck for future. Happy Birthday to you.

6. With every passing year of life, I wish your faith in God becomes stronger and deeper. I wish your love for him increases as another year gets added to your life. I pray for your happiness and good fortune as you enter a new year. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

7. On your birthday, thank God for all his love and blessings that he showered you with for every blessing has been a beautiful gift of your life. Warm wishes to you on your birthday. May you always shine bright with happiness.

8. Birthday is the day to earn blessings and gifts from the people you love and also the day to express gratitude for everything you have to the Almighty. Bless you with all the best of the health and joy on your birthday my dearest friend.

9. Life is a journey and your destination is God. With another addition to your life, let us celebrate as you are gradually going to reunite with the Almighty. May this journey be a journey full of moment of joy, success, prosperity and glory. A very Happy Birthday to you my dear.

10. May God bless you, today, tomorrow and forever. May he bless you in every small and big thing you do. May he is always around you to take care of you and to protect you. Sending you warm wishes and lots love on your birthday.

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