World Close Friends Day Messages, Greetings Quotes

Today is World's Close Friends Day Greetings Messages, Friendship Wishes and Quotes

Celebrate friendship on World’s Close Friends Day which is celebrated every year on 30th July. It was first proposed in 1958 and on 27th April, 2024, 30th July was officially declared as International Friendship Day by General Assembly of the United States. Sending Happy Friendship Day messages and best friends quotes to your dearest pals who mean the world to you. World Close Friends Day 2024 images and Friendship Day quotes that have been drafted to celebrate this wonderful association.

Given below is a collection of World Close Friends Day messages and Friendship Day quotes that are a must share on Whatsapp and Facebook.

World Close Friends Day Greetings Images Messages

1. When I count my blessings, I count you twice because you are my most special friend and without you my life is incomplete….. Let’s celebrate this day together which is a day dedicated to our special bond….. Happy World’s Close Friend Day to you.

2. I am very fortunate to have you in my life and extra lucky to have you as my best friend….. Thanks for coming in my life….. Sending my love with lots of hugs on this beautiful occasion of World’s Close Friend Day.

3. Time has come to take a break and enjoy the celebrations on the most important day….. World’s Close Friend Day is the day which celebrates our friendship and we must make it a memorable one by spending a day together.

4. We don’t need any occasion to be together, to party, to enjoy, to talk, to laugh but let us not forget that it is World’s Close Friend Day which calls for another celebration, another party, another occasion to say cheers to our friendship.

5. Whether it was a pizza or a chocolate, a joke or problem, a moment of happiness or difficult times, we have shared them all together because we are friends for life and life gets better when we share….. Warm wishes to you World’s Close Friend Day.

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Today is the World Close Friend Day Quotes

6. One point, we were complete strangers, living lost in this big world and then we found each other and instantly clicked and no longer our lives are have a direction and a confidant to make it a happy life….. A very Happy World’s Close Friend Day to you.

7. My dear friend, only you have the magical power to transform my frowns into smiles, my sorrows into smiles and my regular days into unforgettable happy days….. Thanks for coming into my life….. Wishing you a very Happy World’s Close Friend Day.

8. My day is incomplete without talking to, my jokes are funnier when I have you to share a laugh with me….. To the most amazing friend I have…. To my partner in crime and my best friend forever….. A very Happy World’s Close Friend Day.

9. Just by looking into my eyes, you can know what I have on my mind….. Just by hugging me tight, you can soothe my soul…. Just by talking to you, I feel so light and bright…. To my sunshine, to my best friend, best wishes to you on World’s Close Friend Day.

10. Today is World’s Close Friend Day, the day when I get to praise my friend for his goodness and the brightness that he has brought along in my life…. Thanks for everything and thanks for making my life so full of happiness and smiles.

Close Friends Day Quotes

“Distance doesn’t matter when your hearts are connected close…. Close friends always stay in your heart.”

“With a close friend, you know you have someone to always go back to when you feel empty inside.”

“No matter where in the world you stay but you will always be the closest to my heart.”

Close Friends Day Messages for Whatsapp

“You are the one closest to my heart, you are the one who knows all my secrets, you are the one who understands me the best…. Happy Close Friends Day to you.”

“It is not easy to find true friends and it is certainly difficult to have close friends but I am lucky to have you in my life…. Warm wishes on Close Friends Day.”

“On Close Friends Day, I want to thank God for sending you in my life and making it a perfect life for me…. Always be there, always be as awesome you are.”

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