Thanksgiving Away Messages for Loved Ones

Thanksgiving Away Messages for Loved Ones

If you are away from your loved ones on the occasion of thanksgiving, then don’t forget to wish them a very happy thanksgiving. Send a beautiful thanksgiving away message expressing your all wishes to your loved one and make the day special for him/her. Thanksgiving is the festival and a way to give thanks and the time to pray for the blessing; it is mainly the festival of foods where people gather in a place and enjoy their meal together.

A list of nice thanksgiving away message samples for loved ones is given below:

1). It is the day of thanksgiving, but I am away from you; it is the time to give thanks for everything, but I am not around you. Keep smiling and enjoy the day and don’t feel alone, I am in your heart always. A very happy thanksgiving.

2). Set aside your diet and enjoy your meal with a plate full of delicious food. Give thanks for your meal, what you eat today and all through the year. Invite friends and close ones and share your joy with others. Happy thanksgiving.

3). Decorate your dish with pilgrims and turkeys, make your table ready for dining; let call others to join and before having a meal, don’t forget to pray; now pick the fork and spoon up and taste meal together. Happy thanksgiving.

4). It is the celebration of thanksgiving and we are thankful for food, clothing and shelter. We also enjoy other things in our life, such as comfort, entertainment and fun and it is the bonus that God gives us. Happy thanksgiving.

5). I am away from you, but when thanksgiving comes, we are blessed to have everything. Thank you for giving the richest feeling of life, the love and smile. I pray to God, we always spend the day together and in fun. Miss you.

6). It is not the scary night of Halloween; rather it is the night of fun and joy. It is the celebration of a relationship and festival of fun. Make your tummy full with foods and heart with love. I am always there with you to wish happy thanksgiving.

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