Thank You Message for Funeral Contribution

Thank You Message for Funeral Contribution

Funeral contributions are provided by friends and family of the departed, be it by cash or kind. The funeral contributions thank you wishes can be sent through funny text messages for the people who contribute for the funeral.

Listed below are samples of thank you messages for loved ones to appreciate them for their contributions in the funeral:

1). Dear brother, I thank you for your funeral contribution. I am much happy to have received your support during this tough time.

2). Thank you friend for the financial help and funeral contribution. I am lucky to have such a loving and supportive buddy like you in my life.

3). Thanks to my sister for the funeral contribution and making memorial service a success. I pray to the Lord to bless you with happiness and prosperity for your good work.

4). Thanking my friend for the extended funeral contributions in form of financial aid. It is with your help that the memorial service went peacefully with so many attendees.

5). I thank all guests for the funeral contributions in my mother’s memorial service. I am happy that you loved ones are here to support me through this tough time.

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