Temporary Insanity Day Greetings Messages, Quotes – 19 Feb

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February 19th is celebrated as Temporary Insanity Day. It is the day to go crazy and insane and just enjoy life with the ones you love. Share with your family and friends funny Temporary Insanity Day quotes and Humor Temporary Insanity Day messages.

Enjoy the newest and craziest collection of amazing greetings messages to share on Temporary Insanity Day. Celebrate this day by putting up Temporary Insanity Day Facebook messages and WhatsApp status.

Temporary Insanity Day Messages

All 364 days of our lives, we are sane, logical and reasonable but today is the day to go unreasonable and insane…. Happy Temporary Insanity Day.

“There is no day better than the day when you can enjoy insanity of your friends and laugh it out loud…. Best wishes on Temporary Insanity Day.”

Let us make it a memorable and fun-filled Temporary Insanity Day by cracking some stupid jokes and doing some insanely stupid things.”

The brain gets tired of being sane always and Temporary Insanity Day is a good day to give your brain some rest.”

Funny Temporary Insanity Day Quotes

“Today is the day to do things what your heart says but putting off the rules and regulations of your brain…. Have a Happy Temporary Insanity Day.”

“We celebrate Temporary Insanity Day because we need much needed break from sanity…. So let’s go crazy together.”

“May you enjoy an amazing insane time with your family and friends on “Temporary Insanity Day…. May you have a good laugh and great memories!!!”

“It is Temporary Insanity Day…. The day when we can officially go insane without having anyone to judge us for being us.”

Funny Temporary Insanity Day Jokes

“I went to a temporary tattoo place to get one tattoo but when I could not clean it the next day, I went again to the same parlour and it was not there.”

“There is no fun in being sane all the time but there is lot of fun being insane one day of the year.”

“You can life a tragic life with sanity or you can have a comic life with a temporary insanity in life.”

“You really need to scratch your knees to understand what is a Temporary Insanity Day.”

“When I grow old, I would always want people to think, ”OMG! What is she up to now?” instead of, “What a sweet old lady”.”

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