Sweet I Miss you Messages for a Friend

Sweet I miss you messages for a friend

Friendship is a great bonding of love that everyone shares in the life; but we are not always with our friends to share the emotion of fun, joy and entertainment. Be it a professional or a personal reason, we need to stay apart from our friends and missing them and the past memories make us both happy and sad. Send a beautiful and sweet miss you message to your friends to bring those past memories that are left behind.

Here a list of sweet I miss you message samples for a friend is presented below:

1). I could not imagine life without friends; it is just like joy without a smile; happiness without fun; pain without any relief; I am lucky that I have one who never make me feel alone, but today I miss you.

2). All those cheering days are gone, the days we spent in fun and joy; the fake stories, sweet lies and spices gossip took goodbye from us. I wish the life would be the same forever. I miss you my friend.

3). Class banking, sweet game in fun times all make our past full of the golden moments. Today we are apart for the work, but when the smile comes and tears rolling down, I miss you by my side.

4). Life is beautiful and has many colors in it, but the friendship is the color in itself that paint our life with joy, happiness and smile. I miss you so much in my heart and I am sure one day we meet again.

5). Friend is the happiness in success, friend is the supporter in the worse, friend is the counselor in confusion and friend is a guide and a philosopher for the life. I really miss you and my mind says for a reunion.

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