St. Patrick’s Day Sayings and Blessings, Quotes to Celebrate All Things Irish

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St. Patrick’s Day, also knows as Feast of Saint Patrick, is the celebration of culture and religion of Ireland. This day falls every year on March 17th and observes the death of St. Patrick. Celebrate this day with funny St. Patrick’s Day sayings, Saint Patrick’s Day love quotes, St. Patrick’s Day messages, St. Patrick’s Day sayings for friends and family.

Add more charm to the celebrations on this day with the best of St. Patrick’s Day sayings and blessings. Share these beautifully drafted St. Patrick’s Day text messages on Facebook, WhatsApp.

St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Sayings and Blessings

“On the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day, I wish that your life is full of many joys and less problems, many blessings and less troubles, many smiles and less sorrow!!!”

“I wish that the grass you walk on is always green and the skies above you are always blue…. Wishing you a happy and healthy life on St. Patrick’s Day.”

“As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I wish that every road that you take in your life, brings you closer to success and happiness…. Best wishes to you!!!”

“I wish that sun always shine bright on you…. You are always showered with the best of happiness in this world….. Warm wishes on St. Patrick’s Day to you.”

St. Patrick’s Day Quotes

“Those who are always true to their words, their work and their friends are the ones who are always successful in their lives.”

“Luck is something that happens when you come across an opportunity and you are prepared for it by all means.”

“Christ beside me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me.”- Saint Patrick

“Always cherish all your human connections- your relationship with your family members and your friends. “

St. Patrick’s Day Sayings for Friends

“May the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day bring in your happiness and success, blessings and goodness and take away all the worries from your life.”

“Let us follow the teachings of St. Patrick’s to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the best way possible… Let us add more meaning to this special day.”

“I wish that you always choose the right thing in life…. I wish your worries are slight and your future is bright….. Best wishes on St. Patrick’s Day my friend.”

“As we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, I wish for a beautiful rainbow for you….. I wish sunlight and smiles for you….. I with you happy life ahead.”

Funny Saint Patrick’s Day Sayings

“Every St. Patrick’s Day every Irishman goes out to find another Irishman to make a speech to.” — Shane Leslie”

“There is no beer in the heaven and that is the reason that all of us drink is here.”

“I wish that may God always bless and keep in good health your enemies’ enemies.”

“In this world, there are only two kinds of people- One are Irish and the others are the ones who think that they were Irish.”

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