Spiritual Messages of Encouragement During Bereavement

Spiritual Messages of Encouragement During Bereavement

When you lose someone, it is the most difficult time of your life. This is the time when you need love and support of the people around you to help you move on in life. Given below are warm spiritual messages of encouragement during bereavement that help you express your thoughts when you feel short of words. Share your feelings on such difficult times with these heartfelt quotes.

1). God is the strongest rock to lean on such difficult times. Even though this is the darkest time but with His support you can fight the tough phase. May God give you strength to move on.

2). When we are crushed in spirit and we have lost hope in life, only the Almighty can help us survive. Though your loss is big but may God impart you support to live through the loss.

3). Only He has the power to heal the broken hearts and only He can bind up the wounds. I pray to God to shower his blessings on you to help you face such difficult times with strength.

4). Life is about keep moving. This is a journey full of unexpected losses and surprises. Thank God for bringing amazing people in your life and pray for their well being. God bless us all.

5). Almighty is always there to protect us and impart us strength to face the tough times. The loss cannot be compensated but He can surely help you heal the wounds.

6). May you find peace in the memories of those who have left. May God protects and strengthens you from the loss your have suffered.

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