Sorry Messages for Ex Girlfriend

Ex Girlfriend Sorry Text Messages

An Ex girlfriend is someone with whom a boy was in a relationship earlier. The ex boyfriend and girlfriend couple may still be in communication with each other and may seek forgiveness for any improper or wrong doing action by the boyfriend. The funny messages can be sent through text messages which depict the real meaning of the forgiveness seeking.

Some of the best samples of sorry messages for the ex girlfriend is listed below to choose and send:

1). Dear ex girlfriend, I seek forgiveness from you for having hurt you and hope you will forgive me. I would surely make it up to you with my love and sending time with you.

2). For my ex girlfriend, sorry wishes for having hurt you. I am ashamed that I have created such a bad impression and I hope to rectify it soon with spending quality time with you.

3). To my ex girlfriend, loving sorry wishes especially for you. I am guilty that I said those harsh words to you and hope you will forgive me soon to be together again.

4). Dear ex girlfriend, sweet sorry wishes for you through this text. Do forgive me to get me a chance to make it up to you and create the special moment of togetherness we have shared earlier.

5). This text carries romantic sorry wishes for my cute ex girlfriend for having hurt her. I hope you will forgive me with all your heart and accept the gifts I have sent you.

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