Sorry Break up Messages to a Loved One

Sorry Break up Messages to a Loved One

Sorry break up messages to the sweet loved one are sent through text messages for the person. The wishes conveys how much sorry the sender s over the breakup of the relationship they shared. The wishes can be sent along with gifts for them to him or her, the loved one, to lessen the sadness.

This messages expresses the sorry feelings that you have about the breakup. Read the below sample sorry breakup messages-

1). Our relationship is not the same that used to be. I never wanted to break up with you. But I cannot tolerate your lies anymore. Sorry, breaking apart is the only way out.

2). I feel sorry to say that I want to break up this relationship. Things would have not come to such a point had you been honest instead of pretending that you loved you.

3). I am sorry to say that I want to break apart with you. I have to admit that I never loved you like the way you did. I realized I should not play with your heart. I hope you find the perfect match for yourself.

4). Breaking up with you will be tough but I am sorry I cannot carry on this relationship. I loved and cared for you but I did not feel the same from you. I hope you accept this decision as well.

5). I thought our relationship was a priority to you. But you had other things on your mind. I don’t hate you because of this but I am sorry to say that this is the end of our relationship.

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