Sorry Break up Messages for Friends

Sorry Break up Messages for Friends

The sorry break up messages for friends are sent through text messages to the friends. The wishes say sorry to the friends with whom the sender has broken friendship bond with. The wishes can be sent along with gifts for the friends or notes for them to make them feel less sad.

Breaking up with friends is sometimes very difficult. We do feel sorry in our hearts as we miss the friendship love bond that was shared.

Read the sample sorry Break up messages for friends below:

1). I feel sorry to say that we can no longer be friends. But I will always remember the good times we spent together, the fights we had and the funny moments we shared together.

2). I am sorry that I am breaking this friendship bond between us. Because of the recent misunderstanding between us, it is not viable that we remain as friends.

3). It’s hard to say goodbye to a friend who has been with you for so long. But time has changed and so have you. You are not how you used to be. I am feeling very sorry about the way our friendship has come to an end.

4). My heart is full of sadness while breaking our friendship bond. You were always a true and dear friend of mine who stood by me in all times. Goodbye friend!

5). I never thought you will not stand by my side when I needed you. I feel sorry about our friendship. It did not last as long as it should. Goodbye!

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