Catchy Slogans on Junk Food in English | Junk Food Slogans

Catchy Junk Food Slogans - Junk Food Quotes, Poster Slogan

We all are aware of the bad effects of junk food and they can be shared with all your family and friends with junk food slogans and anti-junk food slogans. Inspiring junk food Day messages and posters on say no to junk food with slogans, funny junk food quotes and fast food memorable quotes to share with loved ones.

Original collection of slogans on junk food and healthy food make a great share. Slogans on junk food in Hindi and English make a great way to wish on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Catchy Slogans on Junk food in English

  • To stay healthy, say no to junk!!!
  • Always watch what you eat and you will stay good.
  • Junk is what you must avoid if you wish to stay healthy.
  • Burgers, cold drinks, pizzas are what you must keep out of your diet.
  • Watch your food and keep your weight right.

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Funny Junk Food Quotes

  • If you will eat burgers then you will become like one.
  • Fast food is really fast to add weight to your waist.
  • Don’t waste your time with junk food as it will waste your life.
  • Eating healthy is very important to not get heavy.
  • Weight always looks good when it is light and food always feels right when it is not junk.

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Best Slogan on Junk Food and Healthy Food

  • Eat fast food only if you want to put on weight really fast.
  • Avoid junk to always keep smiling.
  • Your body reflects what you eat, so be careful.
  • Healthy foods never cheat.
  • Avoid junk food to keep your body fit and free from diseases.

Slogan on Junk Food in Hindi

  • Khana khaas tabhi hota hai jab paushtik ho.
  • Fast food banane mein jitna aasan hai pachane mein utna hi muskhil hai.
  • Khana jo swaad mein acha ho zaruri nahi ki tabhiyat ke liye bhi acha ho.
  • Junk food se zyada se zyada duri banaye rakhna hi sahih ai.
  • Paushtik khana khane se zindagi mein sukh hi sukh rehta hai.

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Junk Food Side Effects Slogan

  • If you want fat on your waist then junk food is what you need.
  • It is called junk food because it lacks nutrients and goodness.
  • We eat food to stay healthy and energetic and junk food lacks both.
  • A healthy meal ensures that your body heals.
  • Your stomach is not a trash bin, so don’t fill it with trash!!!

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