Short World Lyme Day Text Messages and Quotes

World Lyme Day 2017 Messages and Quotes

Lyme disease is known to be a harmful bacterial disease. It is transmitted because of the bite of an infected tick which if not treated right can lead to severe health issues. Every year more than 300,000 people in USA are diagnosed with Lyme disease. Therefore, World Lyme Day is celebrated to make people more aware about this disease so that they can take care of their health and save themselves from it. 1st May is celebrated as World Lyme Day. Sending World Lyme Day quotes and messages to your loved ones is the best way to spread awareness.

Given below are a few World Lyme Day messages and quotes which you can use to send to your family and friends to wish them on this day.

1. Being healthy is a blessing, value it by being proactive with your health and live a happy life…. Praying for your sound health on World Lyme Day my friend.

2. May you and your loved ones always stay fit and healthy…. May you and your dear ones are always protected from illness and health issues…. Warm wishes to you on World Lyme Day.

3. I wish for the best of your health and fitness on the occasion of World Lyme Day…. I wish you are blessed with high energies and great health today, tomorrow and forever!!!

4. Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy World Lyme Day…. I wish that you follow a healthy regime and lifestyle so that no wellness issues can bother you.

5. I pray to God to give you all the will power to eat healthy and live healthy so that you can stay safe from diseases and health issues…. Wishing you the best of physical and mental well being on World Lyme Day.

6. Let us promise ourselves to fight against health problems and to stay fit and fabulous…. Sending you best wishes on World Lyme Day with prayers for your sound health.

7. My only wish on World Lyme Day is that no disease can touch you or your loved ones…. I wish that you make no compromises with your well being and always stay proactive with your health.

8. May you are blessed with the pinkest of the health and happiest of the soul…. Sending greetings on the occasion of World Lyme Day to you my friend.

9. Health comes to those who work for it… Always work hard to achieve it…. Warm wishes on World Lyme Day….. Have a healthy year ahead!!!

10. May you are blessed with health and happiness…. May no disease can hamper your fitness and your happiness…. Happy World Lyme Day to you.

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