Short Romantic Love Quotes to Use for a Wedding Toast

Short wedding toast quotes

Weddings don’t just require preparations by bride and groom but also the guests who are expected to propose a toast on this special day. Surely, you don’t want to keep it boring and routine and you want to make it interesting and unique. If it is your closest friend’s wedding or your dearest sibling is tying knot and you have to toast the happy couple with best wedding wishes and funny wedding quotes to make it a memorable moment of the day. We all struggle with picking perfect romantic wedding quotes and congratulation wishes which are exquisite and stylish. Moreover, you want to go with short wedding wishes and quotes that are also meaningful.

Here are some of the best short love wedding quotes to use for a wedding toast. With these beautifully drafted quotes, you don’t need to worry a bit!!!!

1. Dear bride and groom, never hesitate in enjoy the small moments in life as they can be the most beautiful and memorable moments for you.

2. To the man and wife to be, love is not about looking into each other’s eyes deep but it is about looking in the same direction with same perception.

3. In any fight you have, always remember that the first one to apologize is the bravest…. The first one to forgive is the strongest and the first one to forget is the happiest…. With this mantra, you will make the best couple and have the happiest married life.

4. To enjoy a happy and beautiful married life… always admit when you are wrong and never speak when you right…. This will resolve all your tensions and will keep fights at bay!!!

5. To make routine life sparkling…. To multiply your happiness…. To divide your sorrows…. To make the most of your joy…. You need someone special to live life with you, to share space with you, to love you, to let you love him.

6. May the best day of your past be the most beautiful day of your future…. May you are blessed nothing less than the best in life!!!!

7. You can never stay mad for long at someone who has the magic to make you laugh… the magic to make you fall in love…. Always be smiling and always be together!!!

8. Love is not about finding someone to live with…. It is about finding someone you cannot life without…. Someone special who can come in this world just for you.

9. There is just one game in the world played by two players and won by both and that is love!!! So never let your love lose the game.

10. Love never spins the world but it surely gives you a wonderful companion to ride the world with. Always hold on to your partner in this beautiful journey of life.

11. When children find their true love…. their parents are blessed with true joy…. Here is to the bride and the groom and their amazing life ahead.

12. May she share everything with her husband…. Her happiness…. Her problems…. Her joy…. Her success and her household work like a wonderful couple!!!

13. Never waste a chance to say I Love You to your love because it is rare that you dins someone special who has the magic to make you fall in love.

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