National Wine Day Wishes, Messages and Sayings

Short National Wine Day Wishes, Messages and Sayings

For all the wine lovers, 25th May is celebrated as National Wine Day in United States of America. This is the day dedicated to wine and surely a good reason to indulge in classy wines made with love. Don’t forget to surprise your family and friends by sending them lovely National Wine Day messages and wine day wishes through greetings on social media like Facebook and Whatsapp.

We bring to you a timeless collection of short and sweet National Wine Day Wishes messages, Wine captions for Instagram and National Drink Wine Day Messages to share with your loved ones.

National Wine Day Messages

1. If a glass of wine can soothe your soul and make you feel good inside then just imagine what can a bottle of wine do to you…. Happy National Wine Day!!!

2. Time has come to take out those sleek wine classes and pour them with some vintage wine and play some nice music to enjoy your evening with your loved ones…. Wishing you a very Happy National Wine Day.

3. National Wine Day is surely one of the most special days as you drink a healthy drink with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories with them…. Wishing you more such evenings…. A very Happy National Wine Day to you.

4. Blessed are those who love wine because they know how to enjoy the most beautiful creations of man…. So it is time to hold your glasses and raise a toast for a healthy and happy life on the occasion of National Wine Day.

5. I wish that you celebration National Wine Day with your loved ones by enjoying glasses full of vintage wine!!!! Warm wishes on National Wine Day.

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Short Wine Sayings

6. Only wine has the magical power to make your days less demanding, less stressful and more enjoyable.

7. Whenever happy, pour a glass of wine…. Whenever said, again pour a glass of wine…. The point is you don’t need a reason to enjoy wine.

8. If you want to gift a timeless present to your friend, nothing makes a better gift than wine.

9. Today is National Wine Day….. as if we needed an excuse to pour our glasses.

10. If you want to go to bed with a happy heart and soul, always end your day with a glass of wine.

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Funny Wine Messages

11. End you day every day with a glass of wine because wine is made by God and is God’s blessing for us.

12. A glass full of wine is all that you need…. Whether you are happy or you are sad…. It takes good care of you in every situation.

13. Life is too short to have wine that doesn’t taste good.

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