International Self Care Day Messages, Self Care Quotes

International Self Care Day Messages, Self Care Quotes, COVID-19

Remind everyone to take care of themselves with inspirational International Self Care Day messages. Share these funny self care quotes and wishes on Self Care Day which is observed every year on July 24th.  In these difficult corona times, it is important to share self-care quotes on quarantine. Share with your family and friends self-isolation quotes for Instagram during COVID-19. Make it a very special Self Care Day in coronavirus lockdown with self care quotes for teachers, parents, friends and family.

Shared below is the newest collection of International Self Care Day messages and wishes. Have these motivating Self Care Day wishes shared on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Best International Self Care Day Messages

You can only care for others if you first care for yourself. Never ever neglect your health. Happy Self Care Day to you.

On the occasion of International Self Care Day, I am sending you a reminder to be vigilant towards your health because I am not there with you to do so.

Self Care Day is an opportunity for all of us to remind our dear ones to take care of themselves so that we don’t have to worry about them. Happy Self Care Day.

When you care for yourself, you actually are caring for those who love you. Wishing a very Happy Self Care Day.

If you neglect yourself and your health then you certainly don’t care about all those for whom you are the world. Happy Self Care Day.

Self-Care Quotes Quarantine

In the coronavirus lockdown, it is extremely important to quarantine yourself to stay safe and stay healthy. Wishing a very Happy Self Care Day to you.

The first step to self care in present times is by isolating yourself and staying safe at home. Wishing you Happy Self Care Day and safe quarantine.

If we all are going to quarantine ourselves today then we will soon have a normal life in future. Happy International Self Care Day.

If your family and friends really matter to you then you will never neglect taking care of your health. Happy Self Care Day to you.

Quarantine, social distancing and self-isolation are the three mantras for a happy and healthy life. Happy Self Care Day to you.

Best Self Isolation Quotes For Instagram During COVID-19

Isolating yourself in present times will ensure a happy and healthy future for you and your loved ones. Happy Self Care Day.

No one likes isolation but this is the first step towards self care and for the care of those whom you love. Wishing a very Happy Self Care Day.

Caring for yourself is the very first step towards caring for others. Don’t take isolation easy in coronavirus lockdown. Be safe and Happy Self Care Day.

We cannot fight against COVID-19 alone but we can fight it together and if each one of us follows isolation then we can certainly conquer. Happy Self Care Day.

There is immense strength in self isolation and we must not under estimate it. Warm greetings on Self Care Day.

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