Save the Elephant Day Messages, Quotes and Slogans

Save the Elephant Day Messages, Quotes, Elephant Slogans

Every year April 16th is observed as Save The Elephant Day. This day is observed in order to create awareness about the threats to the lives of elephants and the different dangers that they witness. Celebrate this important day with save elephant slogans and elephant taglines. Share with everyone around you Save the Elephant Day messages and greetings.

We have come up with a collection of Save the Elephant Day messages, quotes and greetings. Wish everyone around with these Save the Elephant Day slogans to create awareness.

Save the Elephant Day Messages, Elephant Quotes

With their homes being encroached by humans, their life is under constant threat as they don’t have a safe place to live. Warm wishes on Save the Elephant Day to you.

The occasion of Save the Elephant Day is a reminder to all of us that elephants are facing many threats for survival and we must act soon to save them.

Elephants have been the friends of human for long and now our friend is in need and we must protect him by offering safe shelter to live. Happy Save the Elephant Day.

These giants are so full of love and affection for us and all they need is love from us. Let us work towards their protection and celebrate Save the Elephant Day.

Elephants need our love, attention and care and not our hatred and denial. Let us join hands to save them. A very Happy Save The Elephant Day.

On the occasion of Save The Elephant Day, let us come together to protect these adorable and cute creations of nature that need protection and love. Warm wishes on this day.

We are the ones responsible for making them homeless and now the onus of protecting them lies on our shoulders. Wishing a very Happy Save The Elephant Day to all.

Wishing a very Happy Save The Elephant Day to everyone. Elephants deserve to be loved and cared and that is what is special occasion reminds us all about.

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Best Save Elephant Slogans and Taglines

Elephants need to be protected. Happy Save The Elephant Day.

Saving the elephants from any threats is our responsibility.

Elephants are crying for our help and we must act.

Let us come together to give elephants a safe environment to live.

Elephants are humans’ friends and we must save them.

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