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Goodbye messages come with your emotion and feelings. When one bids goodbye from his/her friends and family, there are lots of things to say and all reminisce memory of the past. Some messages are personal and some are professional, but all of which wish that person to have a great life ahead. It is really hard to say goodbye, but for some reasons, bidding goodbye is the necessary thing. When one goes apart, a sweet goodbye wishes message is a gift that always remains with that person as your token of love. If you are searching for some best goodbye wishing messages for your friends, your search stops at the right place. Here we present a collection of sample goodbye messages for your friends, colleagues and employees.

Goodbye Messages for a Friend

It is really tough to say goodbye from a friend, with whom you have spent so many wonderful moments together. The goodbye message reminisces all your past moments through your words. Your wish and your emotion pour in your goodbye message for a friend.

“No more Tiffin sharing, no more collage bunking, no more game in break without you. Thank you to make my past wonderful and it just a goodbye until we meet again.”

Goodbye Messages to Colleagues

To bid goodbye from your colleagues is the time to remember those beautiful memories in your office that you never forget in your life. A good bye message pens down your emotion to your colleagues and gives them a good luck for the future. Send your emotion and love through your words.

“It is difficult to find a friend within a colleague, but I am lucky to have such one. You may go apart, but you will always stay in my heart. Good Luck and Good Bye.”

Goodbye Messages to Boss

For an employee, his/her boss is a source of inspiration who guides him well in the work. A goodbye message to boss gives him the best gift that carries a thank you note for his guidance and support. A message brings out your emotion to your boss.

“You may bid goodbye from us, but you leave behind a lesson that guide us all through our life. A new tomorrow is waiting for you and hope success follows you where you go.”

Goodbye Messages for Boyfriend

It is the relation of love that makes you difficult to say goodbye to your friend, but the situation compels you to do. A sweet love message reduces your pain somewhat and makes him also feel good. Pour your emotion in the goodbye text message to your boyfriend.

“Though I am leaving, but you will always be a special one in my life. Goodbye means, not the end, it is the good wishes that stay with you until the time we meet again.”

Goodbye Messages for Girlfriend

Goodbye message for girlfriend is heart touching and emotional and counts all the memories that you both spent together. A message opens up the pain of parting, but wishes good luck for the loved one. Your message of love reminds him of you forever.

“I wish I could spend a little more time together, but luck plans something new for you, have an awesome future ahead. Do not dare to forget me. Good luck.”

Goodbye Messages to Coworkers

Sending a goodbye message to your coworker gives a pleasure at their leaving. Many things you have shared with colleagues in the office and in the good message, all things are written in an emotional way. Write your experience in your words.

“It is amazing to experience how you made the office environment delight, you are leaving and so do our smiles in the office. You get an awesome life, but I guess never get such awesome coworkers like us. Good Bye.”

Goodbye Messages to Employees

Goodbye message to employees is all about the best wishes to the employee who is leaving. The company rewards his work and the message also makes him delight and happy. It is a good luck wish message for an employee to give courage for the future.

“Our company will miss your positive thinking which was an inspiration for others. As life is a race, I wish you all the success in your journey. All the very best for your future and goodbye.”

Goodbye Messages to Company

Goodbye messages to company is to give a note of thanks to the company for all of your practical knowledge and experience. An employee learns lots of things to a company and when he/she is leaving, a goodbye message tells everything. Send message full of your emotion.

“May be tomorrow will be a new morning for my career, but what I have learned from here guide me always. Thank you for being so supportive. Good bye.”

Goodbye Messages to Staff

Goodbye message to staff is all about the thanksgiving note. There are so many memories you want to share with your staff at the time of your leaving and a message expresses your emotion. Send a heart touching message to your staff and make them feel happy.

“Time has come when you wish me the best of luck, but I will say thank you for making my past wonderful. It hurts but I need to say goodbye to all in the hope we will meet again soon.”

Goodbye Messages to Lover

He/she is close to your heart, but you have to go apart for some reasons. Goodbye message to lover expresses your all emotion to your lover and it ends with a beautiful note. A love message always gives strength to your lover, even if you are not there.

“Some things we didn’t want to happen, but we have to experience, people, we can’t live without, but have to let go. The best thing is memories that always stay with us. Goodbye. ”

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