Sample Farewell Messages

Farewell Messages and Wishes

When one bids goodbye to his/her friends, family, colleagues and other belongings, farewell wishes are very common to wish him/her good luck for the future. Though with a heavy heart, one writes this message to express the feelings that he/she shared with that person, but the messages are something that makes you nostalgic. It is the time to reminisce all those past moments through words to make that person feel special to you. If your feelings do not get the right words, do not bother as we present all examples of farewell messages, from friends, family, and employees to boss, girlfriend and team, for you.

Farewell Messages to Friends

Friends are the big part of one’s life and it is really hard to bid adieu from friends, especially when it is your best friend. There are lots of things that you want to wish your friends at the time of farewell, but sometimes expression does not find the right way to open up. You can send a lovely farewell message to your friends with all which you want to say.

“There is a new world waiting for you with new success and goals. Hope, you can scale your new heights without much trouble. Make new friends, but do not forget the old ones who always love you. ”

Farewell messages for colleague

After spending many years in an office, when the time has come to farewell your colleague, you can write a touching message that expresses your emotions properly. Your text should have a touch of some memories that you have shared together. A sweet and lovely message is the best gift for your colleagues at the farewell.

“I cannot really count the memories that we have spent together in the office, but I always remember those sweet moments that make me reminding of yours.”

Farewell Messages to Employees

When an employee takes a permanent leave from the office, a company or an organization can write a lovely farewell message to employees to reward their hard work and dedication. It brings back some happy memories alive for their success in the company. The words of the letter can touch their heart.

“Though it is all for your betterment of your career, but we will miss your presence in the office. Hope, you will achieve a lot of success in your career and your all dreams come true.”

Farewell Messages to Coworker

Farewell message to coworker is just to rejuvenate the special memories to tell that you are going to miss his/her presence in the office. The words that you have written in the message should feel him/her that it is worth having you as a coworker. Your text message can include the funny moments that you both have enjoyed.

“Without you, there is no fun in lunch break, no game in the canteen and no motivation at work. It is difficult, but I wish you a great life ahead with lots of fun and opportunities.”

Farewell Messages for Boss

Since the guidance of boss play a big role in career making, so one can send a text message to give thanks for all his/her help and support in a very sweet way. The message pays thanks to your boss. You can pen down your emotion in it.

“Tomorrow will be a new day in the office without you. You may not be there to guide us, but your learning will always be with us. It is a note to say thank you. ”

Farewell Messages for Students

Bidding goodbye to students is something that every educational institution or educational entity does. Teachers send a sweet farewell message to wish the students the best of luck in the future and they also appreciate the talents and potential of students. The wishing message carries a great hope for the bright career of the students.

“Dear students, you made us successful through your results and achievements. Our journey with you may stop here, but for you, it is the beginning of your life. Be dedicated to your work. We wish you a successful life.”

Farewell Messages to Teachers

Teachers are the life makers and whose philosophy and ethics make us able to be strong in every problem. For a student, a text message to the teacher on his/her farewell is very worth meaning. A farewell message to teachers pours your emotion to say thank you.

“Your virtues and advices help us to bring hope in a disastrous situation. Tomorrow will be a new day, but we always remember your teaching. Keep shining and helps others to shine. Thank you.”

Farewell Messages to Boyfriend

One of the hardest things is to say goodbye to your boyfriend as there is some emotional bonding you shared with each other. Your message to boyfriend gives a hope of the future. But at the time of parting away, a sweet farewell message can reduce your pain.

“This is just to say goodbye, but you will stay always special to me. I will keep those happy memories we spent together safe forever. Hope your future journey will be smoother with full of happiness.”

Farewell Messages to Girlfriend

When you decide to part from your girlfriend, you can send a short farewell message to her to bid goodbye and express your emotion. It is a sweet gesture. Your message brings out your emotion.

“We both have done our bit, but sometimes things go out of control. No one is to blame for that and saying goodbye is the best thing that can happen.”

Farewell Messages to Family

At some point of life, we need to say goodbye to our families for the career or education reason. You can bid adieu from your family with leaving a sweet message for them. You can send a cute farewell message to the family to express your wishes.

“Family is a part of life, but sometimes to make the bonding stronger, we need to part away. It is goodbye to you in the hope of meeting you sooner.”

Farewell Message to Team

When you are working as a team and if you are bidding goodbye, then sending a farewell message to your team as thing that you can. Cherish all the moments with your team can be a great gift on your farewell. Send a text message to make the moments memorable forever.

“I am lucky to have such a fun loving team that made happy surrounding during the working hours. I miss my team because I know you all are the best ones I have ever met. Wish you a great journey for the future.”

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