Sad Love Away Messages

Sad Love Away Messages

When your loved one stays away from you for some purpose, you feel sad and want to tell him/her the feeling of your love. Send a heart touching message pouring your all emotion and let him/her know that how much you miss your loved one. The words of the message coated with your love and affection and bring you closer to the love of your life. Express your heart to your loved one and make him/her special to you.

Here a list of a sad love away message samples is presented below:

1). It is true, you are miles away, but the memories of our loving days stand out in the crowd and make me cry; I wish you were there to dry my tears, but you are so far. Come back soon and give back the reason of laugh. Love you.

2).I am alone today, even you are with me in my heart. I can see you in my close eyes, but I never take you in my arms and give you a tight hug. There is no word can explain my love to you, only I can say I miss you a lot.

3). When you are around life seems more romantic and enjoying, I can feel the smile and all the emotions with you, but without you, I have one thing to feel, which is a pain and nothing else. Give the colors of my life with your love.

4). I am waiting for you today, until you hold my hands; until you give me your hug, until you share your emotion; till then, I cherish the memories we spend together in our loving past. I know you will be back soon and make me your own again.

5). Life without you is no joy in smile, no emotion in living and no love in heart. Without you, it is worth dying rather than living in the meaningless world. Heal my pain with your warmth of love and live the life together again. Love you.

6). My heart aches for you, my eyes are wondering for your sight, my secrets are waiting for you to express and my emotion are looking for you to be shared. I am perfect only with you and let’s enjoy the life being together. Love you.

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