Romantic Miss you Messages for Girlfriend

Romantic miss you messages for girlfriend

Staying away from girlfriend is really hurting; the emotion of love is very tricky and staying apart from the girlfriend makes the lovers sad. If you are away from your girlfriend, then you want to let her know how much you love her. If so, you can express your emotion through the words by sending a beautiful message to your girlfriend that gives you a relief from your pain to some extent. The message is all about the love, affection and desire.

Here a collection of romantic miss you message samples for girlfriend is presented below:

1). Some miles come in between us, but our love is strong enough to cross any hurdles that come our way; it is true you are away, but I can see your smiling face in my close eyes. Keep smiling for me. Miss you.

2). Everyone says love changes the life, but for me it is you; everyone says love makes you happy, but for me, it is you who make me wonderful; without you is worth dying. Never let me alone. Miss you.

3). Some miles we have crossed together, but many miles are yet to go; it is true, I am away from you, but look inside, you can feel me in your heart. I will always be with you and I miss you.

4). For me, you are like a star, too near and too far; I can see you, even in the darkness of my close eyes, but when I open it, you disappear somewhere. I miss you very much, but soon I make you my own again.

5). Life with you is more than awesome; though the time makes us apart, but I have faith in our love that brings us close again. Our past is golden and now we together make our future bright. Miss you.

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