Romantic Messages for First Anniversary

Romantic messages for first anniversary

A first year anniversary of a relationship or a wedding is special as the couple completes a year of togetherness and share a deep emotional bond with one another. The romantic wishes for the first anniversary can be sent with attractive gifts to show the love one has for the other. One can also send love notes along with the wishes. The romantic words would touch the heart of the person and make him or her feel loved.

Following are heart touching romantic messages for first anniversary to send with love:

1. Dear boyfriend, I send heartiest wishes for the first anniversary celebration. Your support and love has made our relationship much deep and I hope it remains this way forever.

2. To my sweet husband, loving wishes for our first anniversary. It is your smile and your love which makes my heart leap every time I see you and makes the relationship worth.

3. Heartiest wishes for the first anniversary, dear husband. You are the living center of my life and it is your love which makes this relationship so special to cherish.

4. To cute boyfriend, loving wishes for the first anniversary. I wish our relationship to remain this much sweeter and lovelier always and let it give us more together moments to live.

5. I send my love and wishes for the first anniversary, cute boyfriend. I wake up having to look at your beautiful smile and it is the one thing which keeps me full of love each day.

6. Heartfelt wishes for the first anniversary to my husband. I am much loved by the special person I found in you and I am thankful to have you in my life always.

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