Retirement Messages for Military

Retirement Messages for Military

Military is such a job where duty and responsibility is a big thing, in fact more valuable than life and when one takes retirement from the job, he/she must be rewarded with a great respect. Send a retirement message to him/her and salute his work and give your best wishes for the post retirement life. The words of the message congratulate him/her for the life which is dedicated to the country and give lots of best wishes for the future life. Retirement is the time of rest, especially for the military people and in your messages it brings out the same emotion. If you are searching for the retirement messages for the military, here we present a good collection of retirement message samples for military to you.

Samples for retirement message for military:

1). Your achievements made difference in the country and your life is precious to us; we salute your dedication and honesty. Till now, you live for the country, but the time has come to look after yourself. Take care and happy retirement.

2). Above religion, above caste and above all things is our country; your service is an inspiration for others to serve the country beyond anything. Good time has come into your life and you earned it. You have a satisfactory past and now make your future beautiful. Wish you a great happy retirement.

3). Life is short and some people always stay in mind for their deeds, you are such people who always fight for the country’s respect. Now, a new life is waiting with full of happiness and fun. Enjoy your life to the most. Happy retirement.

4). It is true military man has no holiday in life; but retirement makes every day the weekend for them. Plan to make your holiday fun loving and entertaining. You are a great person no doubt and it is your turn to make your life beautiful.

5). You fight for the freedom, and now it is the time to enjoy your freedom in life. I wish you achieve the highs of enjoyment what you have missed till now. Live for yourself and be your own boss. Happy retirement.

6). I wish you a great retirement life; now you don’t need to follow orders, discipline, restriction in your life. The retirement life is meant for careless living with only fun. Feel every bit of life with your loved one. Happy retirement.

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