Retirement Messages for Cakes

Retirement Messages for Cakes

Cake and celebration go with hand in hand and when it is about retirement, it calls for a big celebration. When one takes retirement, you can write a retirement message on the cake to celebrate his/her retirement in a beautiful way. You can write beautiful quotes and messages for the retirement on cakes. The message expresses what you want to say. Generally, the messages are fun loving and precise in manner. If you are looking for the retirement messages for cakes, here we present you a beautiful collection of retirement message examples for cakes.

1). Time to say goodbye tension and welcome pension. Happy retirement life. Enjoy every bit of love and fun.

2). Wish you a great retired life. You are entering into the carefree world; do what you want and go where you want to go.

3). A new chapter of a new life welcomes you. The time of reporting other has gone, now make your own schedule the way you want.

4). It is the time to be your own boss. Order only for relaxing, love and happiness. Stop working and start making plans for outings. Happy retirement.

5). Enjoy your retirement with fun and joy; it is your holiday time to plan for outing and party.”

6). All the very best for your retirement. Spend the rest of the life with your loved one. Be happy and make others happy.

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