Paperback Book Day Messages, Paperback Quotes, Sayings

Paperback Book Day Quotes, Messages

The Paperback Book Day is celebrated worldwide on the 30th of July every year. There is no joy compared to the joy that reading brings to one’s life. With the change in time and evolution of digital books and kindle, paperback books still are the evergreen heroes of the reading world. Here are some Paperback Book Day Messages and Paperback Quotes to share and celebrate this day with your friends and family members who love to read.

In this post we bring to you Paperback Book Day Wishes and Paperback Book sayings to share on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Best Paperback Book Day Wishes, Paperback Quotes, Messages

Books are my best friends and the paperback versions make me feel closer and safer to them. Happy Paperback Book Day.

To the people who love to buy and collect books but don’t make time to read them, this is the day for you. Happy Paperback Book Day.

There is no escape from the world like the one being lost in reading a paperback fiction is.

My personality is ninety five percent of the last book I have read.

As I finish a book and look around, the world is just the way it was but a major part of me has changed.

It is the Paperback Book Day. Celebrate this day by re-reading your favorite paperback classics.

May you take some time out to read and relive the joy of reading that got lost somewhere as you grew up and things changed.

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