National No Housework Day Messages, Funny Quotes – April 7th

No Housework Day Messages, Funny Quotes

National No Housework Day is observed every year on April 7th. This day is all about ditching your daily household chores and giving yourself the need you need. So celebrate this day with your family and friends by sending them no housework quotes and funny quotes on not doing the housework. Send the amazing No Housework Day wishes to everyone around you to remind them of this unique day.

We have come up with a selection of No Housework Day messages to share on National No Housework Day. Have these No Housework Day greetings shared with everyone on Facebook, WhatsApp.

Best No Housework Day Messages, Funny Quotes

1. Wishing a very Happy No Housework Day to everyone. Let us celebrate this day by not doing the household chores but enjoying happy moments.

2. Till the time there is life, there is going to be a lot of housework to do. Happy No Housework Day to all to give this work some break.

3. Today is the day to go out with friends and have a nice cup of coffee because it is No Housework Day.

4. No Housework Day reminds each one of us that it is time to give ourselves some time by leaving the household chores for a day.

5. Sometimes you want a break from routine and No Housework Day gives us all a break from routine. Warm wishes on this wonderful day.

6. No Housework Day means just relax, party, shop and have some fun. Make the most of this most awaited day of the year.

7. You lose so much of your time and energy in doing housework and No Housework Day is the most amazing day to save that energy to do something better.

8. A very Happy No Housework Day to all. Don’t get exhausted doing the routine housework but do something else and something more fun.

9. Life certainly gets boring with a routine to follow. Wishing you a very Happy No Housework Day, the day to not follow the routine.

10. Warm wishes on No Housework Day to all. Make the most of the day by enjoying a day with no housework to do.

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