New Year Messages for Friends

New Year Wishes for Friends

The New Year wishes to friends are sent to wish them on the starting of a new year. The friends are sent New Year wishes through cards, through text messages or any other means of greeting to show the love and care for the friends. Some send beautiful New Year cards for the friends and some send the wishes through text messages on mobile or social networking sites. One can also send New Year wishes on social networking sites by uploading a New Year celebration photograph and sending the wishes there. In addition to that, sending a best New Year wishes video clip on a DVD to all friends is also a good greeting idea. Some of the samples of New Year messages to friends sent in different ways are given below:

New Year Messages to Friends and Loved ones

New Year wishes for friends and loved ones can be sent through text messages and beautiful cards. The wishes would make the friends and the loved ones feel good and cared for by the sender. The loved ones are any close person of a family of the sender. The funny New Year wishes can be sent along with gifts for them.

“Through this beautiful card, I wish my friends and loved ones a happy new year and wish your new year celebration and the oncoming days of the new year be best fun filled and happiness filled throughout.”

New Year Messages for Special Friends

Special friends are close friends with whom one shares a much closer bond and the friendship is too special with them. The special friends get special attention in comparison to the other friends. One can send New Year wishes to these special friends through beautiful New Year wishes video clips along with gifts for the friends.

“To my sweet special friend, I convey my new year greetings and best wishes for a prosperous year. I pray Lord shower your new year with much love and happiness throughout. Have a happy new year.”

Emotional New Year Messages for Friends

Emotional New Year wishes include wishes written with emotional and heartfelt words for the friends. The emotional New Year wishes can be sent through cards with the New Year wishes and the emotional notes for the friends. One can also send the cute wishes through video clip recordings with the emotional notes and the New Year wishes for the friends.

“Like the dawn of a new year, let our friendship develop with newer bonds of love and strong friendship. I wish you a marvelous New Year celebration filled with happiness. Have a happy new year ahead friend.”

Religious New Year Messages for Friends

Religious New Year wishes are written with religious quotes and sayings for the friends. The religious New Year wishes are sent through cards with New Year wishes with religious toned words to make the friend feel good. One can also record religious quotes and the New Year wishes on a video clip in a DVD and send it to the friend.

“On this new year dawn, let us pray to the Lord to bless each of us with peace and happiness in our lives and let us thank the Lord for the beautiful New Year and the life he has gifted us. Have a happy new year friend.”

Funny Happy New Year Wishes Messages for Best Friends

You cannot afford to miss your best friend on the occasion of New Year. And you cannot afford to send regular New Year wishes for friends.

“I have always wished for the best of everything for you… I have always prayed for your success but please don’t score more marks than me in this fresh year or else I will have to rethink about my prayers… Wishing you a very Happy New Year my friend… Study Well!!!”

Short New Year Messages for New Friends 2018

New Year is the time to think of all the friends we met, all of them who helped us in some way. Its the right time to remember them and express our genuine feelings how much we care for them.

“Let’s raise the toast by celebrating the bond of our friendship. Happy New Year.”

“Friends are so important in life. We can share feelings with them, which cannot be expressed in other relations. Happy New Year, to all my friends who made my life beautiful.”

“May this New Year fill your life with happiness and joy. Happy New Year friend.”

“Let’s make a New Year resolution to celebrate New Year together every year together. Happy New Year dear friends.”

“Let’s drink, dine and have fun together. Waiting to see you all. Happy New Year friends.”

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