New Year Love Messages to Family

New Year Love Messages to Family

New Year love wishes for the family are sent with love notes and the best New Year wishes together for the family. The wishes express the love the person has for his or her family and also conveys the funny New Year wishes to the family.

Short samples of best New Year love messages 2017 for the family to send with love are listed below:

1). The most important thing in my life is the smile, happiness and prosperity of my dearest family… I wish that the coming year is full of more reasons to smile and more reasons to make it a happier year…. May God bless us all… Warm wishes to you all on New Year.

2). My strength lies in my family and I wish that God showers the life of each one of us with peace, harmony and success and keep us bonded by infusing our relationships with more love and respect for each other… With lots of love, I wish a very Happy New Year to all.

3). Life is all about good and bad times. Let us all pray for happier times together. Let us hope that God surprises us with success and happiness in life. Best New Year 2017 wishes.

4). We have been together for years and 2017 is another chapter to our book of life. Let us make it interesting and wonderful. Wishing you a beautiful Happy New Year to all of you.

5). Dear family, I wish you a happy new year in advance. I love you all with all my heart and thank you for being the supporting strength all these years in my life.

6). For a family who is so dear and special, I send loving happy New Year wishes through the text. I hope you all have a wonderful year filled with love.

7). To my cute family, happy New Year wishes for all sent with loving gifts. I hope you all like the gifts sent to the loveliest members of my life with care.

8). Through this text, I wish my family a happy and prosperous new year. I hope you all have a rocking year ahead and the love we share never dies down for any cause.

9). To my family, happy New Year wishes sent through text for all. I also send gifts for all the beautiful members I love so much in my life more than anything else.

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