National Watermelon Day Messages, Quotes and Slogans

Watermelon Day Messages Images Quotes

National Watermelon Day is observed every year on August 3rd. This summer fruit, which is so delicious and juicy, surely deserved a day when everyone can refresh themselves with this yummy fruit. Enjoy it cut into slices or in form of juice, this is a fruit loved by all. National Watermelon Day 2023 in United States of America, United Kingdom is celebrated by sending warm wishes and text messages to family and friends.

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National Watermelon Day Messages, Wishes 2023

1. I wish that your life is blessed with freshness and good taste of watermelon to help you put aside all your tensions and simply enjoy this delightful fruit…. Sending best wishes on National Watermelon Day.

2. The best fruit in the world which you can eat and drink to stay healthy and also wash your face to look beautiful….. It is Watermelon…. A soothing summer delight to add a cool touch to the hot season…. Happy National Watermelon Day.

3. When your temper is high and the temperature is rising outside…. The best way to cool everything down is by enjoying the refreshing and rejuvenating water melon which sets everything right….. A very wonderful National Watermelon Day to you.

4. The best summer days are those when you enjoy the sweet taste of watermelon which induces happiness and coolness in your body and mind….. Sending you best wishes on National Watermelon Day.

Summer Watermelon Love Quotes and Watermelon Sayings

5. Watermelon- A fruit to eat, drink and also wash your face.

6. Watermelon is the best medicine to hydrate your body with something delicious.

7. Watermelon is the perfect summer delight.

8. Life is like a watermelon, juicy and tasty!!!

Funny Watermelon Slogans, one liners

9. You cannot hold watermelon under one arm.

10. Even watermelons are not free of obstructions, they have so many seeds!!!

11. A watermelon a day keeps the heat away.

12. Don’t let the heat mess you, enjoy watermelon every day of the summer.

Cute Watermelon Captions for Instagram

13. If you have tasted watermelon then you know what angels like.

14. Blessed are those who get to eat watermelon each and every day of hot season.

15. Season is not the reason to be hot because we have watermelon to keep you cool.

16. Watermelon is 92% water and only 8% melon.

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